Smiths Sauce Exclusive Range - 100ml E-Liquid
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Smiths Sauce Exclusive Range - 100ml E-Liquid

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Flavour Menu
 Boss Tobacco - A Perfectly Blended Mix Of Fine Rich Tobaccos.
 Blue Raspberry Sourz - The Most Superb Sour Blue Raspberry

 Black Jack - Just Like The Sweets

 Captains Custard - A Utterly Moreish Cinnamon Danish Pastry Paired with Vanilla Custard.
 Candy Milk - A Sweet Strawberry Candy Style Milk.
 Cereal Flakes - A Traditional Crunchy Frosted Flakes Cereal Paired With Fresh Whole milk.

 Cherry Jelly Bean - A Classic Dark Chery Jelly Bean.

 Fried Custard Dough - Deep Fried Ring Doughnut Dipped In Rich Vanilla Pod Custard.

 Grapple - Dark Grapes Blended with a Mix of Apples.

 Highland Custard - Vanilla Pod Custard With Swirls Of Thick Cream & Butterscotch.
 Honeydew Dream - Freshly Sliced Honeydew Melon With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
 Kings Custard - Salted Carmel And Vanilla Sponge Cake Smothered in Vanilla   Custard
 Lemon Drizzle - A Slice Of Sweet and Fluffy Lemon Drizzle Cake Topped With Whipped Cream.
 Mango & Orange Slush - Sweet Mango & Orange Fruit Ice Slush

 Menthol Madness - A Strong Yet Smooth Menthol Vape.

 Mint Choc Chip - A Mint Chocolate Chip Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
 Red Forest - Perfect Blend Of Cranberries & Pomegranates with Hints Of menthol  and Aniseed.
 Queens Custard - A Rich Blueberry Vanilla Pod Custard.
 Rocket Lolly - A Sweet & fruity Combination of Strawberry, Pineapple & Orange.
 Rhubarb & Custard - A Classic British Flavour Ripe Rhubarb on Top Of a Rich Creamy Custard.

 Purple rain - Blackcurrant & Grape Lemonade.

 KMG - Kiwi + Melon + White Grape.

 Black Ice - Rich Blacurrants with an Ice Finish.

STRENGTH OPTIONS :- 0mg 1.5mg 3mg


Our e-liquid comes in 100ml bottles, each containing 80ml nicotine free / 0mg/ml e liquid flavoured e-liquid.

To achieve your required nicotine strength simply follow the guide below:

0mg - No nicotine shots required. You will have 80ml ready to vape e liquid.

3mg - Add x2 Nicotine shot to the bottle. Shake and vape. Your 100ml is now ready to vape.

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